Personal Coaching Tailored to Your Individual Goals 

One-on-one coaching for top athletes, performers, musicians, and executives is commonplace.  What if artists could also take advantage of the power of personal coaching?  Now you can.

Mentoring will help clarify and affirm your strengths, identify weaker areas to develop, and provide specific strategies for growth.    


"David you are an exceptional teacher and communicator."

- Sharon R.

Mentoring will enable you to achieve your goals faster.   

"I can't thank you enough." - Christie C.
"Our session gave me some super new perspectives and helped a lot to get me unstuck. :-) Thank you. You are very good at expressing clear ideas and you are an excellent teacher."
- Kristin H.

Good coaching starts with good listening.  Your goals and growth are my focus.

Whether you are relatively new to painting or an established and accomplished veteran, coaching and mentoring provides another set of experienced eyes and ears. 

"Great hour! I loved meeting with you today. Thank you thank you thank you so much!" - Suzie B.

$150/ session (60 min ea.) via ZOOM.

$135 / session when you buy 3 or more at a time.

Email me to get on the scheduling calendar and to receive payment info.

Through personal coaching and mentoring-

- Your creativity will be energized.

- You'll paint with more freedom.

- You will have more ideas.

- People will respond to your work more than ever.

Paint YOUR way, in YOUR style, with YOUR voice--only better!

I don't teach how to paint like me. I'll help you find and strengthen your unique voice.

'I feel so much more confident in my painting since working with you."

- Janet R.

"I am so thankful to have met you. I learned so much in that quick hour, I am seeing things in a way I never have before." - Loli D.

I was mentored for 20 years by a man named Bob Farlow.  Bob was mentored by the studio assistant to Grant Wood.  (Yes, that Grant Wood). You will be receiving knowledge passed from generation to generation of artists, one-on-one.

Here's an image by Grant Wood you may have seen:

"You've rejuvenated me and given me direction." - Ben H.

You'll receive

  • personalized critiques and feedback
  • specific suggestions for improvement
  • principles of IMAGE STRUCTURE that make art in any style work
  • plus homework assignments tailored to you

"Thank you for wonderful, constructive words! Such a good teacher." - Ann J.

$150/ session (60 min ea.) via ZOOM.

$135 / session when you buy 3 or more at a time.

"David, thank you a million times over for a wonderful and confidence boosting lesson."
- Loli D.

Email me to get on the scheduling calendar and to receive payment info.

"Best art teacher I ever had." - Jane L.

Van Gogh Sunflowers STRUCTURE.JPG

"Thanks for the great lesson yesterday. I look forward to the homework and future lessons."
- Darlene M. 

"Dude, you're seriously bending my mind." - Patrick K.

"I feel I have met a great teacher, wonderful mentor and good friend." - David G.

About David:

- 32 years as a professional artist, author, speaker, and instructor

- Workshop Instructor in Indiana, Florida, Arizona, Vancouver Island, BC

- 25 years experience as a professional plein air painter

- Relaunched from scratch in 2014 as an abstract painter.  

- Was mentored for 20 years, has mentored many artists over the past 20 years

- 28 children's books published, in six languages 

- Abstracts have been represented by galleries in NYC, The Hamptons, Jackson Hole,  

         Scottsdale, Boston, Indianapolis, Chicago

- Raised four kids by selling used art supplies :o)

- Is friendly most days

- Can be bribed with chocolate